Our clients provide a variety of personal reasons when first considering a penis girth enhancement procedure. Some express a desire to boost self-confidence and improve body image, leading to an enhanced sense of masculinity and sexual satisfaction. Others feel a larger girth would contribute to increased sexual pleasure for both themselves and their partners. Some admit societal perceptions and media influences contribute to their desire for physical changes that align with perceived ideals. Regardless of why you’re interested in a girth enhancement, we’re here to help!

The Patented UroFill™ Penile Girth Enhancement Technique


Safe | Effective | Proven | Non-Surgical


UroFill™ is an innovative, proven approach that offers non-surgical penile girth enhancement using a proprietary patented procedure. The outcome is functionally and cosmetically appealing with durable results. The patented technique is both safe and effective. UroFill providers are board-certified urologists who have undergone comprehensive training resulting in safe, predictable and successful outcomes. Only UroFill™ providers are certified to perform this patented in-office penile girth enhancement procedure.


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Penile girth enhancement using a patented technique of injecting hyaluronic acid.

Erectile Dysfunction Exosome Shot

Penile injection therapy using exosome regenerative technology.

Elevai Skin Care

The next generation, skincare system using exosomes.

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