Erectile Dysfunction Botox Injection in Dallas & Texarkana, TX

Penis Botox Injection Therapy (BoCox)

What is Botox and how does it work?

Botox, known as botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT), is a neuromodulator produced by the bacterium called clostridium A. It temporarily relaxes the muscles that it comes in contact with and as such, has been utilized in facial cosmetics by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aestheticians for years for treating undesired wrinkles and fine lines. Botox has also been used for a number of medical conditions including migraine headaches, strabismus (crossed eyes), spams, bladder issues, and excessive sweating.

Our board-certified urologist, Dr. R. Clay Williams offers BOTOX to treat erectile dysfunction at our urology clinic in Dallas and Texarkana, TX. Call us today at (903) 732-2005 to schedule an appointment.

How does Botox affect the penis?

man wearing only a towelBotox penis injections, also referred to as BoCox, is a way to improve a man’s ability to have spontaneous erections and alleviate erectile dysfunction (ED or impotence). Essentially, it blocks the nerve impulses sent to the blood vessel smooth muscle walls that carry blood throughout the penis. By reversing the normal constricted state of the vessels, Botox allows the vessels to have a more relaxed state with a wider diameter. This results in a significant increase of blood flow with higher volume of blood, and thus, improving erections and size. Botulinum toxin (BoNT) has been utilized when alternative options such as Viagra or Cialis no longer work or are losing effectiveness. Sometimes the man simply does not want to take an oral medication each time he wishes to engage in sexual interplay and wants to avoid the lack of spontaneity. And in other instances, we have found that penis Botox injections can actually increase the penis length and girth in a flaccid state (non-erect).

In many cases, penile Botox injection works very well with men who complain about penile shrinkage. Oftentimes the internal smooth muscle fibers and tissues of the penis contract and thus, retract the entire penis back into the pelvic cavity when flaccid; this commonly occurs when exposed to cold, but many men suffer from what is called a “hyperactive retraction reflex.” Botox can prevent this so you feel more comfortable with the size of your penis, especially when you are with your partner. It allows your penis to be more relaxed, more natural looking, and larger.

Several studies have shown and continue to show that Botox penis injections show marked improvement in blood flow into the penis which in turn, means, the potential for stronger erections as well as improved length and longer-lasting erections!! This also includes alleviating your concerns and fears of a smaller penis or penis shrinkage. Men are constantly focused on their sexual well-being, performance, and overall “manlihood.” Erectile dysfunction and the size of your penis can be extremely frustrating and can affect your confidence. 

What to Expect at Your Visit and Treatment

Once you contact us via the website: directly by email, texting, or even a phone call for a live consultation, we will arrange a time that is convenient for you. At the in-person consultation, we will once again review the entire procedure, answer all of your questions, and assess your concerns and desires. After reviewing and signing a consent form, we will start the process to the “better you” which normally takes just a few minutes. After applying a topical numbing cream for about 15 minutes, we will inject Botox, usually consisting of two (2) injections, one on both sides of the penis, using 50 units/injection (100 units total). This is a virtually painless, quick, and safe procedure injecting into the corpora cavernosa.

When should I expect to see results?

Our results are in line with the reported findings nationwide. The vast majority of men will notice marked improvements within two weeks, however, many men say they notice results in just a few short days.

How long do the results last?

Like anywhere else in the body that Botox is injected, the results typically last 4 months or longer. Using a longer-lasting botulinum toxin, the results are more durable, and oftentimes last 6 months or more – this can vary client to client. To maintain the benefits you so desire, repeat visits will be required as such. There is no downtime whatsoever. You can resume all physical activity including work and exercise immediately.

At Elite Enhancement of East Texas, we want to help you obtain and maintain the level of sexual satisfaction you desire. Botulinum toxin injections are but one way we can help you regain your sexual health and regain your confidence! We desire to provide stronger, more durable erections, as well as stunning improvements to your penis size…or both! 

…and, BoCox can be given at the same time with the Elite Enhancement Exosome P Shot for long-lasting treatment to alleviate erectile dysfunction.

Allow Elite Enhancement to assist you on your road to restoring youthfulness and confidence!

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